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Accelerating ADAS Solutions for Riverside, CA

The Accelerated Process

Step 1: Send us your estimates

Send your estimates to and we will scrub the estimate to identify any necessary ADAS calibrations it will need.

Step 2: Schedule your calibration

Using our online scheduling tool, schedule a time for us to pick you vehicle up from your shop for repairs.

Step 3: Pick Up

After a phone call to confirm readiness, our team will swing by your shop and pick up the vehicle.

Step 4: Calibration

Using rigorous OE compliant procedures, we will fully and accurately re-calibrate all vehicle ADAS features and document the process along the way.

Step 5: Health Scan & Test Drive

We will scan the vehicle to ensure that all systems have been re-calibrated and are functioning correctly. A test drive will be performed to make sure that the systems continue to operate correctly in motion.

Step 6: Return

The vehicle is returned to you at your location fully recalibrated and ready to get back on the road. We will provide full documentation outlining the steps taken and calibrations performed that can be given to your customer and kept in your records.

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