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Keep your collision center on track

Why you need 
ADAS Calibration Solutions

ADAS systems are a standard feature of almost every new vehicle on the market. These complex electronic systems can be affected by even the slightest adjustments, so recalibration after an accident or body shop work is necessary to ensure these systems continue to work properly and safely for their drivers. With over 92% of new vehicles equipped with at least one ADAS feature, it is essential to know you have a calibration company you can trust on hand.
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How ADAS Systems are affected

ADAS systems are an integral part of how our vehicles operate and the safety of the passengers. It is important to know what might affect them, and how we should repair these systems.

During A Collision

During an accident, ADAS can be detrimentally affected in a multitude of ways. Broken sensors, impact damaged computers, cracked camera lenses, and even shifted components are all possible issues that a collision can create that will impair a vehicles ADAS abilities.

During Repair Process

During the repair process, whenever an adas sensor or system is removed, replaced or moved, that sensor or system now needs to be recalibrated to ensure that it will operate correctly on the road.

OEM Specifications

Many of these newer systems are highly sensitive and will only perform correctly if they are recalibrated under the exact conditions their OEM set.

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What Makes Accelerated ADAS Different

Documented Calibrations

Accelerated ADAS provides your body shop with high quality, well documented calibrations that ensure the safety of your customers. Our equipment and methods are state of the art and modeled after the factory settings that manufactures use to calibrate the ADAS systems they installed.
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Calibrations On-Site and On-Time

We perform all ADAS calibrations at our facility. That means, no taking over your lot, no getting in the way of your techs, and no interference with the calibration process.

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